A New Home For Writing Tips

It might seem like I’ve taken the last month off since the fun, and hectic!, release of my fantasy writing & publishing course, but that isn’t quite the whole picture. Though I will admit, my husband and I snuck off for a four day hike on the Appalachian Trail. It was fun, but I won’t call carrying a 30 pound backpack across 35 miles a vacation.

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What was ironic is just at the start of that little extreme adventure was that I thought of an awesome website/blog name. One that was so obvious and so perfect that I KNEW someone had to have already purchased it with an amazing website already sitting there. There was no way I was the first one to think of it. But it would be the perfect name for a website dispensing writing tips and covering my writing. 💕

That little nugget rolled around in the back of my mind for 35 miles of boulder hopping and lovely forested walks down to little streams. But I didn’t forget it.

The first chance I had when we were off trail, I googled it. Nothing came up. No one owned it. So I bought it! 😀 This past month has really been about designing a brand new website and then redesigning this one over Memorial Day Weekend, because all of my writing tips, help, coaching, and workbooks are now going to hosted on AmWritingFantasy!

Am Writing Fantasy I’m so excited about this new website! Because, one, I love the name. lol. And two, it gave me a chance to really reorganize the blog with the knowledge I’ve gained over years of doing this and growing. Now I have dedicated spots to feature authors and artists! And I have so much more planned…

But right now, I’m happy to simply have the website live. I always forget how difficult it is to create something like a functioning website, much less the logo, structure, and making sure all the links work. Needing to work on posts and other content, much less continue to write my next book, A New Goddess which is the final book in the epic fantasy Games of Fire trilogy, DOES feel like a break compared to creating website pages.

I did want to give you an update here though. I attempted to move my writing updates and other book related news to a new website AutumnBooks.co less than a year ago. And it was a pretty website, but I missed out on buying the dot com url by days (sheesh). And when I thought of, then bought, AmWritingFantasy… well, you have to admit that is a great name for a blog of fantasy writing tips, right? So AutumnBooks will be going away when my url purchase runs out (in like 100 days).

You can expect to see announcements, and some really BIG ones really soon, on my books here really soon. But if you are interested in staying up to date on the series of writing tips, you’ll have to join me on AmWritingFantasy and sign-up over there. I’ve got some great things planned and I know you won’t want to miss out!


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  1. I’m on my way to sign up, (My health failed me, and book four didn’t emerge, but “The Children of Samovar” is well underway. I’ll be sure to send you a free copy when it’s done, since one of the MC’s in the book is named Autumn, and I figure you’ll like it, if for that reason alone.